Wedding planning is killing me

I see a market for a new wedding planning book. Hear me out – I know the market is saturated but trust me, this book will sell like hotcakes (mmmm …. hotcakes ….)

How to plan your wedding without killing your entire wedding party in the process

See? It’s a sure-fire winner. Chapters will include such topics as

  1. What to do when you groom doesn’t want to call his groomsmen and formally ask them to be in the wedding party
  2. How to deal with a grandmother who is scared her grandchildren will be excluded
  3. How to quell a rebellion of bridesmaids who moan about not being able to find the shoe colour you want even though you gave them 6 months notice
  4. What do do when part of your wedding entertainment cancels on you 6 weeks before the wedding
  5. How not to go insane when your mother adds people to the list at the last minute

And more!

I’m not sure I’m the one to write this book however, since most of my solutions involve dreaming of ways to kill said wedding party members and bury the bodies without getting caught.

My mantra at the moment (other than “Murder is a crime.”)? None of this matters. We’ll be married. That’s all that matters.”

I’m still working on remembering that sometimes.


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