#30daysofme Day 12 How it all started

Today’s topic is about how I started blogging.

Which is a tough question in some ways because I’ve been online for about 15 years or so. We moved to Australia when I was 15 and got the internet – super slow dial up but it was AMAZING at the time. I signed up for a geocities acount or four (literally – I kept registering for new sites) and maintained them for a few years.

I think I signed up for a blogspot account and I also had a mindspace account. Which is not to be confused with MySpace. It was a separate blogging platform that I joined in about 2004 or so. And then, 3 years ago, I started this site and have pretty much maintained it. I’m toying with the idea of going self-hosted next year and taking it to the next level. But we’ll see where it goes.

I’ve always kept journals and diaries with varying levels of success and I really enjoy the venting/ranting aspect of blogging. The audience is really nice to have but not the reason I blog entirely. I blog for release and for clarity and I love going through my archives and seeing that I’ve been through shit and come out the other end.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t such a tough question.


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