Tasting the excitement

I’m in Melbourne now. The Boy was here until yesterday and we were running around having meetings with the photographer, the band, the Rabbi, getting his suit measured, having a menu tasting. That tasting was awesome. I’m really looking forward to the wedding now – okay, the meal itself mainly 😛 Oh so good.

But now I don’t see The Boy for 2.5 weeks until the wedding. It’s traditional not to see each other for a week before the wedding but since he has work and stuff to do in Auckland, he’s there and I’m here. Personally I think he’s smart – avoiding all the stress! Although I have lists for him so he’s not completely immune. Things like “empty the bins before you fly out so we don’t get home to gross mold and a stinky apartment” so he’s getting something from it too.

Today is my final dress fitting. Although they have it as “pick up the dress” and I have it as “another fitting” since I’m all about managing my expectations. One more thing to cross off the list.

We met with the venue yesterday after the tasting and went through all the things we need to think about. The wedding planner there remarked that I seemed so calm and I had to laugh, because her idea of me calm is me stressed! But really, we’re well organised and nothing she said yesterday threw me for a loop. The list of things to do is still miles long but they’re all easy to cross off items, so whatever. I’m a little stressed about getting all my work done before the wedding since I’d rather not be working on the honeymoon.

That said, we have some long layovers in New York (Newark) and Houston – anyone wanna meet us at the airport and entertain us?


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