Sadness among the celebrations

One week to go!

Last week was insane in getting through all my work in order to hand over to someone else before wedding week commenced this week. I left the house once in 6 days and that was to go for a 30 minute walk because I was going insane on Wednesday. I clocked over 60 hours in the week and I’m DONE! Woo hoo!

But all the work meant I ended up bailing on being there to watch one of my dearest friends finish her marathon on Sunday. I’ve since spent the entire week apologising for missing it after promising I’d be there, apologising for texting instead of calling – no excuses there, should have called – and being ignored left right and centre. Normally I’d let things be until she calmed down but this is also my maid of honour and oldest friend and this is making me so so sad.

Last night was my bachelorette. It was a super fun night of burlesque lessons and dancing but she was throwing daggers at me the entire night. She left her car here overnight and didn’t even come in to say hi when she picked it up during the day. I’ve left messages for her, emails, the whole shebang for the whole week and apparently it’s not enough.

And I’m so sad about it. Apparently, she’s happy to end the friendship of almost 8 years over this and I’m really not sure why. This is someone I thought I would grow old with and yet she’s so angry with me over this, this that I’ve apologised for so many times. I’m done apologising. I can’t beg. I refuse to spend my wedding week agonising over this.

It makes me sad that, when I look back at my wedding, along with all the happiness and celebrations, I’ll also remember that a friendship seemed to have ended for reasons I just don’t understand.


3 thoughts on “Sadness among the celebrations

  1. Oh Mandy, I’m so so sorry to hear about your friend, especially your maid of honour! That would be awkward if you still hadn’t resolved things during your wedding 😦 I hope that she is able to think of those 8 years and let it go…
    Anyway, all the best for the preparations – hope they go smoothly and your wedding! Enjoy yourself! I remember all that hard work and time planning a wedding and it was over in a flash! Huge congrats to you and your boy!

  2. I hope your friend forgives you. Obviously I don’t know the whole story but sometimes we need to cut the bride-to-be in our life some slack (unless she’s a bridezilla – which you do not sound like AT ALL). The bride IS going to be the centre of attention in the final days leading up to the wedding (even if she doesn’t want to be). She IS going to be preoccupied on some level. She IS going to be super busy.
    I just hope that you and your friend make up and she realises that you have wholeheartedly apologised and that you are sincere.
    Best of luck x

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