Ticking a new box tomorrow

In less than 24 hours I’m going from ticking the single box on forms to ticking the one marked “married”.

Can you believe this? I can’t. I somehow think that married people are more mature than I am. I’m still a kid really. True, I’m 30 and when I was younger, 30 was OLD but I’m not.

And yet, here I am, typing with difficulty since I have fake nails, and anticipating seeing The Boy tomorrow under the chuppah, walking around him 7 times and watching him break the glass. We’ll be married by tomorrow afternoon. Married. Us.

Weird thought that.

And yet not.

Last week, I went through some STUFF with my maid of honour. It’s kinda sorted but not entirely, since I feel a little gun shy around her. And then my parents organised to bring my oldest Canuck friend, Tammy, in for the wedding and so everything looked up again. My maid of honour gave me stress and my Canuck made me smile. It feels like I saw her yesterday, sitting at our favourite Toronto diner for brunch and yacking about the weekend. That was over a year ago and yet not.

And tomorrow she’ll be there to watch me get married.

Forgive the radio silence. Things are a little mental. I’m hoping not to post while on honeymoon, but we do have a lot of layovers (seriously, anyone feel like visiting us at Newark airport??) so I may end up posting. Just pray for good weather for me will ya?


2 thoughts on “Ticking a new box tomorrow

  1. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! I hope the day was everything you ever hoped for. Marriage is strange (in a great way)! You think that you won’t feel too different but you totally do – it’s like the depth of your love just goes so much further. It’s amazing and I wish you all the best 🙂

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