Presenting to you … Mrs The Boy

As you may have gathered since my last post just before the wedding, I am now a married woman.

Got my debit card in my mail today with my married name and it’s the first official piece of the married puzzle. I was slightly excited by it. The Boy smiled but I don’t think he got my excitement bug there. I feel rather grown up now.

The wedding was amazing. Beautiful. Perfect even though my dress snapped open at the back on our way to the photos and no number of safety pins could fix it. At least the zipper stayed up and there were no wardrobe malfunctions to speak of! It was amazing even though I was so excited that I could barely eat and I missed out on all the yummy food – thank goodness for the menu tasting, otherwise I would never have known the deliciousness that was the Moroccan Chicken or Twice cooked Prime Beef.

We danced the night away and suddenly it was over, my shoes were off and my flip flops were on. We were at the hotel and I was pulling out all the millions of hair pins the hairdresser used. It was over. Amazing how the time flies, don’t you think? I mean, I know everyone told me it would fly by, but it seemed so fast. I remember putting the running sheet for the night together and it seemed like a loooong night and then it was over. But it was awesome so that’s okay.

What wasn’t so awesome was that my dad had gastro so he was under the weather, my mom got shingles on her nose a week before the wedding (although we didn’t know what it was until after the wedding) and my uncle came down with gastro the day after the wedding. His was a lot more serious than my dad’s though, since he’s diabetic and apparently (unbeknownest to him) had kidney damage already, which was exacerbated by getting dehydrated from being sick. He ended up with close to kidney failure and in hospital for a week. Luckily he’s on the mend now, but boy, was my wedding weekend memorable for him!

The Boy and I headed off on honeymoon and had a blast. I’ll post about that later though. And now we’re home, having opened all the wedding presents and settled into routine life. I have no work on my plate at the moment – at least until January – so I’m a little stressed, but I have wedding presents to put away, old stuff to give away, and honeymoon weight to lose (tapas in Barcelona was awesome, paella was yummy), which I’m ONTO. My healthy living vision board is done (I’ll post a photo tomorrow) and I’m focused on getting back on course, with no wedding nonsense to get in the way.

So this week – honeymoon posts to come (including Chasing the Blue Bus in Barcelona and a Jazz Funeral in New Orleans), vision board post to come and I have a massage on Tuesday. Oh, and US Thanksgiving with Michelle, Mary and Kepa! So I’m excited about that.


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