Fantastic weekends

Fantastic weekends include Bailey’s milkshakes on the balcony with The Boy.

They involve enjoying the first barbeque on the in-laws’ new barbeque – sausages and coleslaw and kids running around.

Fantastic weekends involve brunch with out-of-town friends and enjoying catching up over eggs and toast.

They involve sitting on the couch with the doors open, enjoying the sunshine and napping and half-watching weird television.

They also seem to be involve a lot of eating and drinking and result in a Sunday night of feeling QUITE bloated.

And while I don’t regret anything from the weekend, I hate this feeling on a Sunday night. I hate the promising of diets on Monday and EXTRA intense workouts all of next week.

I know that I enjoyed the weekend. I know that I could have eaten less and still enjoyed it though.

So next weekend, I will enjoy the weekend WITHOUT the bloating.


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