Staying afloat

I know I’ve been a bit quiet here and it’s ridiculous because I finally have the time to blog and I’m not blogging.

The truth is that I’m struggling to be cheerful at times and I find it hard to blog when I’m, well, slightly depressed. Or rather in a funk.

I’m trying really hard to enjoy my time off and enjoy the sunshine and lovely weather we’ve been having. I mean, doesn’t everyone want to be outside in summer and not in an office? And here I am, with all the time in the world to enjoy the sunshine and I’m bitching about it? RIDICULOUS I say.

But it’s challenging. This is the first time since I was 14 (and 3/4) that I haven’t been working. The minute I could get a job, I did and I didn’t stop. I feel bored and stuck and frustrated. I hate not contributing to the budget at all but I know I’m lucky that The Boy’s salary is enough for us to live on. I feel like I’m losing brain cells on a daily basis and when it comes to conversations, I have very little to contribute. I mean, what did I do during my day? Laundry, grocery shopping, I read a bit. Boring really.

But I need a schedule! I said this the other week. I ignore my own advice (don’t we all do that?)

My schedule is going to include 5 days of gym in some way – heck, I have the time now, no excuses! Even if it’s a home workout on a day like today – it’s pouring outside – I need activity. I also need personal interaction but that’s another story.

I bit the bullet yesterday and signed up for more pilates classes at Peak Pilates which is hardly cheap but worth it since my hip has been feeling better since I started the classes. I didn’t sign up for more personal training though – can’t justify that while I have workout plans. I just need to implement the plans.

People, I need your help. I need pushing here and on twitter (@BelletristNZ). I need you to remind me to be active, to engage my brain and to be thankful. If anyone has any connections in Melbourne, Australia, I also need a job there for the new year. But that’s another story altogether.



3 thoughts on “Staying afloat

    • I hate waiting. I am not a patient person!

      We’re thinking about it in the new year. Depending on work stuff, maybe by April or so. Right now it’s a pipe-dream, but we’ll see.

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