Aren’t you jealous?

You should be super jealous of me.

What with my looking for jobs and work and trying to figure out my life’s purpose and all.

Yeah, I’m filled with sunshine and lightness 😛

I made a decision last week that no matter what we decide about moving to Melbourne or not, either way, I need something to keep me busy here. I’m writing and I’m exercising (mainly working though the New Rules of Lifting for Women, which I’ll blog about later) but I need personal interaction and routine.

So I applied for a job last week, had a phone interview on Friday and an in-person first interview today. And it’s okay. I mean, it’s a job. Nothing more. It’s more call-centre based than I was expecting – although what I was expecting, I’m not sure – and it doesn’t exactly thrill me to the core. It’s a bit of an ego issue as well. I’m going from jobs where I had tons of responsibility and authority to a fairly junior, call-centre type role. That’s a blow.

But it’s a job. It’s getting me out of the house. It’s keeping me occupied. That is, if I even get it. If I impressed today, I would have a 2nd interview and then a bunch of psych tests online and they would call my references. So serious. Publishing is not this complicated! So we’ll see.

And I’m thinking I may have to go study something else if I really want to find a job. Keep my skills up and my brain working. Just wish studying paid, you know?


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