Looking forward, looking back

2010. What a year. I’m still in shock that it’s already December 30 really.

This year, I got more into freelancing and realised I hate it really.

I stressed out with wedding planning and invitations and OMG I don’t think my dress will fit.

I fell more and more in love with The Boy.

And I got married.

Four lines sum up my year and yet they don’t. They say nothing about the fact that I’ve struggled with healthy eating and being active while working freelance. They say nothing about the black hole I’ve flirted with over the year and tried very hard not to sink too deeply into recently. They say nothing about the instability we’re looking at now, with both of us looking for work in Melbourne for the new year.

Yep, we’re thinking/planning/hoping to move to Melbourne sometime in 2011. That was the plan for a long time but we thought maybe the latter part of the year. Things have changed recently – The Boy is insanely unhappy at work, I’m not getting any work at the moment and not finding much either and we’d both have better opportunities in Melbourne. So it’s looking more and more like we’ll end up there earlier in the year. That means we’re trying to find work and work out how this will work – do we both try move over together and line up work at the same time or does the person who finds work first move over and get things set up. Who knows?

But before that, we have a couple of people over for New Year’s Eve (otherwise known as Just Another Night) and then we’re off to Melbourne for 10 days to see my family, to interview for a few jobs (me and hopefully The Boy too), catch up with some friends (both of us) and enjoy my mother’s cooking (but not too much since my jeans are a bit snug). I’m not expecting to be at the gym everyday – especially since a casual gym visit is mucho dineros – but I don’t want to come back weighing more than I do now (not that I like what I weigh now but let’s not go there). I’m planning on eating sensibly, getting some activity in and being happy.

That’s how I want to bring in 2011. How about you?


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