Holiday mode

I’m trying to fight the usual “I’m on holiday” mindset. When I’m on holiday

  • I don’t think about organised exercise
  • I chill out about my eating
  • I am generally less active than usual

This is not always a bad thing really. We often live lives of GO GO GO that taking some time to ourselves is good. But it’s not good when your everyday life includes the above 3 statements too! I’ve really let things slip but hear I am, in “holiday mode” at my parent’s house in Melbourne.

We arrived yesterday morning, after a night where I got at most 3 hours sleep and I didn’t sleep on the plane at all. I battled through the day, eventually crashing out at 8:30 last night. I slept through to 7am and I feel like a different person.

But this person now has a sore throat and a cough. So I’m not impressed with the person I’ve become!

I haven’t been overly active today or yesterday and I’m angry with myself because I need to change this mindset of making excuses instead of healthier choices. On the upside, my eating has been great with less snacking and more water, so brownie points to me there. No actual brownies though.

So tomorrow, I plan to start my day with a long walk (with band-aids covering the blisters from my terrible shoe choices today) and stay on track with the eating. Every day presents new choices and every day is an opportunity. I’m making choices, not excuses and getting out of holiday mode, even while I am on holiday!


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