One week down … 51 to go

How did you all go with your resolutions? Have they fallen through the cracks in the couch already, never to be seen again (at least until resurrected next year)? Or are you still going strong?

So far, thanks to Health Month, I’m staying on track and more so than I ever would have expected, especially since I’m fighting holiday-mode.

  1. Drink more water. This is not too challenging since it’s frigging hot here and I’m thirsty all the time so I’m easily getting my 8 glasses of water in, more if you count my green tea (which I do since it’s good for me and all).
  2. Get at least 30 minutes exercise 4 times a week minimum. Considering the dreaded Holiday-Mode monster and the heat, I’m happy to say I’m at 3 times this week and I’ll go again tomorrow sometime and make it an even 4. I managed to get a deal for a casual week’s membership at a gym near my parents’ place which, while not cheap, is worth it and I’m actually using it. I’ve been there twice this week and gotten in more exercise than I would have without it, especially since it’s stinking hot today. Yay me!
  3. Eating less white flour – this one has been okay this week. I set myself the target of allowing white flour 3 times a week and I’ve had it twice so far. I’m allowing for it tomorrow night at Shabbat dinner (I can’t say no to challah thank you very much!) but I’ll still be within my target.
  4. Writing and meditating more – this has been more of a challenge being here I think. I need to work on the OM time and the creative time. It’s all important for my health. I may lose some life points on these rules but overall, I’m pretty happy.

I have to say, I think using Health Month has been good so far. It’s somewhere to go and tick off how I’m going everyday and I’m not trying to change everything all at once. By setting weekly rules, I’m allowing some flexibility and I think that might make it easier to stay on track than being all or nothing.

So, how are you going? Did you make any resolutions?



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