Playing out, not working out

I’ve semi-stolen this idea from Mizfit, and I love it, so I doubt she would really mind!

One of my Health Month rules is to get 30 minutes of activity in 4 times a week – any sort of activity at all. I’m trying really hard not to start the year with an all or nothing mentality, because I find that usually falls by the wayside and I end up beating myself up about it.

We arrived back in Auckland at midnight on Tuesday night and by the time we got through customs etc and got home it was 1:30am. No way in hell I was going to be up for my 7am pilates class. Even with the best intentions, I would have most likely hit snooze fifty times and slept in. So I didn’t register, instead I picked a class for Thursday and accepted that if I wanted to get moving on Wednesday, it would have to be something else getting me grooving.

Enter our Nintendo Wii which, until New Year’s Eve, had been sitting in a plastic bag under the couch for months. We have no Wii Fit (although I’m dying to get one Β *hint hint*) so I loaded up Wii Boxing and went for it for almost an hour. I played some games, did some of the training exercises, tested my fitness (I’m 80 years old according to the Wii. Screw you, my coordination sucks) and was huffing and puffing like mad. It didn’t feel like exercise so why are my muscles so sore??

And that’s what I love about playing out, not working out. I wasn’t thinking about my heart rate or calories or anything. I was determined to beat the damn computer and master the idea of dodging and weaving without getting my Mii knocked out.

Apparently I’m weaker on my left side since that’s the side that aches more.

Thursday I was aching and sore but I went to pilates and experienced a different instructor to my usual. As a result, my abs are in pain as well today, taking the total aching body parts to, well, my entire body. I barely slept last night since every time I turned over, I woke up and I’m groaning like a mad woman today every time I need to move at all.

I love it.

(And if anyone has a Wii Fit they’re not using, I’m happy to take it off your hands!)


3 thoughts on “Playing out, not working out

  1. This is my fave thing I’ve learned from MizFit! (And I’ve learned a lot from her!!) So glad you beat the crap out of the computer! And yourself a little too… πŸ˜‰

  2. Hi! Just came across your blog via EatingJourney’s list of Exposed participants. I’m amazed at your courage and appreciate your willingness to expose yourself in order to encourage others.

    Also… WiiFit is awesome. And I’m crazy old according to the Wii Age guessing thing too (also because I’m uncoordinated), haha!

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