It’s weird how one comment, one innocent comment, can set off the body snark radar inside.

This morning, my pilates instructor commented, quite innocently I’m sure, on my “massive quads” and there it was. The self body snark.

Lady, they’re not massive quads, they’re Thunder Thighs. Say what you mean. I have man legs. My thighs enter the room before I do. Mwhahaha

Of course these thoughts remained in my head and what came out was a knowing chuckle and a nod of agreement. My quads are chunky. Always have been – I joke that I inherited my father’s legs with my mother’s height and it’s pretty true. I have his legs, down to the “massive quads”.

And the thing is, no matter what I do, those massive quads are always going to be massive. There’s no point in doing fewer lunges or less walking/jogging/what I pretend is running because this is my shape. But as soon as she mentioned it this morning, my heart sank.

I walked home thinking “what can I do?” And I know the answer is nothing because these are my legs. They are strong and capable and good legs. They just happen to not be slim. I will never have those slim thighs that peak out of short shorts. Heck, I’ll never wear short shorts. But part of me was sad.

That part of me was beaten up by the rest of me and sent to sit in the corner after I admired my getting-toned-again body in the mirror. Fuck you and your wannabe slim thighs. I’m going to embrace the quads, forget the thunder thighs and enjoy strong legs. Just need to silence the body snark more often.

What do you do to control the body snark? Any tips for killing that little voice?



4 thoughts on “Euphemisms

  1. I am dumbfounded your teacher said that to you. Seriously. RUDE. But now that she planted that little gem in your head, I know how hard it can be to get out. People can say 10 nice things to me but it’s the 1 negative comment (esp. about my body) that sticks with me forever. It helps me – because you know how I feel about my thighs! – to remember that fat carried in our hips and thighs is a) FEMININE (so, you know, not your dad’s legs!) and most women carry their weight there. It’s only in the past 50 years or so that this has become undesirable. and b) hip/thigh fat is “good” fat, as in heart-healthy and you’ll have kids with higher IQ’s. True – research and everything!

  2. I wonder if you teacher admires your quads, or at least thinks they are generally a good versus a bad thing?

    You could have little twig legs but that is an unfortunate thing to wish for. Strength is good.

    • Oh, it’s very possible that’s what she meant. My brain just automatically went to “thunder thighs” because that was one of the things I grew up hearing a lot. And I know that strength is better than weak twig legs, or at least most of me knows this – it’s just that little voice inside that wishes for skinny legs. The rest of me knows better!

  3. A friend of mine who is a coach said what helps her deal with the “inner critic” is just to say “yes, and …”. Acknowledge it and move on. Like so: “Massive quads! Yes, and that’s a good thing.” (Just like you already said – strong and powerful.)

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