Sticking to my resolutions *achoooo*

We all survived January! Woo hoo!

As you may guess from my title, I am a sneezing machine. Yesterday I lost count of my sneezes around 50 or so but suffice to say, my nose is made of sandpaper right now and I’m wondering where the hell all this STUFF is coming from. Lovely image, I know. I know you’re grateful.

How did I go in January with my resolutions, you ask? Not too badly at all. I exercised 4 times a week most weeks – sometimes it was a basic 30 minutes of walking or Wii Fit (yes, I got one!!) and other times it was more, but that’s okay. My rule in Health Month was at least 30 minutes of activity 4 times a week. This week is proving to be more of a challenge, just because it’s an effort to move from the couch to the kitchen (and that says a lot considering it’s only 4 steps away) so I may lose a life-point or two this week. Not that I’m planning on it, but these things happen.

The water drinking last month was awesome. I was awesome. Having it as a rule made me more aware of drinking more water and I tend to slack off there. So I’ve upped my intake this month by 2 glasses and I’ll hit it. I know I will. Especially important with this cold.

I sucked at the meditating rule last month. I struggled to get there and I put in the most basic of effort everytime. I think having it twice a week only made me see it was something easy to blow off, but at the same time, sitting and clearing my mind for 15 minutes was hard work. I have so much going on right now that it’s not feasible. So it’s off the table this month but I’ll try for 5 minutes a day of “quiet time”.

I also struggled with writing 3 times a week. I don’t know why. I couldn’t get inspired and the whole point of making it a rule was to say screw inspiration, just write. Maybe I’ll do better this month.

Oh, and I hit the rule about taking my multi-vitamin every single day. Did it without fail. My nails, hair and skin are still not noticeably stronger and healthier but not for lack of trying.

So onwards and upwards for February. And someone buy me nicer tissues please. My nose will thank you for it.


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