Moving on up (or down)

It’s been a while since I, well, moved. The Cold From Hell knocked my socks off last week and then the humidity here kept me knocked down. It’s exhausting. I even went to see Burlesque with Cher on Saturday just for the company and the air conditioning. It was blissfully cold in the cinema. Oh Hoyts, don’t you ever change!

But alas, the food and the lack of exercise have been mounting an attack and the result is fat. On my thighs, on my belly, on my hips and on my chest. I know there are girls out there who would love the extra sexy-fat on the chest, but alas, I am not one of them! I like my curves the way they are and no bigger. And I like my bras and refuse to buy bigger ones. New ones sure (I like pretty bras) but bigger ones? No way.

So today, despite the humidity and the exhaustion said humidity has wrought, I booked into a pilates class and went for it. I loved it. My abs shook with the exertion and I’m sure my glutes and quads are gonna ache. I’ve booked in for another class on Thursday (I like the instructor) and may even book in for a 3rd class on the weekend. Me and my fat, we’re not friends and I’d rather be friends with exercise again.

On the job front, I need everyone to cross fingers, toes, legs, arms, eyes etc! I interviewed for an awesome job last week and they called about my salary expectations today. They’ve been talking to my references and it all sounds very promising that an offer may actually be made. If said offer comes through, I will be saying yes and moving my every-expanding ass to Melbourne. The Boy will follow when he can – depends on work stuff and giving notice and whatnot. But I’ll be there in a month should said job become mine.

I’ve also promised myself a new bra (not bigger though) and a new top for my first day of work. This is my way of satisfying my current urge to BUY ALL THE THINGS with two smaller purchases. So, fingers and toes crossed people. Fingers AND toes!


2 thoughts on “Moving on up (or down)

  1. I thought I wanted bigger boobs too, but then that wish came true and I realised that it made the rest of me look bigger too…exercise has kind of brought them under control now and I can’t believe it but I’ll be stoked to see them shrink a little because it will mean I’m losing weight!
    Good luck with Pilates 🙂

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