It’s a GO!

After weeks of waiting and being in limbo, the move is officially a GO! I got the job!!

But now I have to get everything done in 3 weeks. Yes, I’m moving in 3 weeks. I start work March 7 and I’d like to be in town a few days before to set sorted out. So 3 weeks from today. I have to print out my contract and sign it (easy), sell my car, pack up the apartment, organise painters, select someone to rent out our apartment and redirect all our mail. The Boy is only following me a few weeks later, so technically he can do a lot of this stuff but I’d rather get most of it in place before I go so there’s more supervising than doing required.

But wow, there’s a lot to do. And I’m excited but scared a little at the same time. I’ll be back at work everyday but The Boy will be more than likely contracting and networking like mad and looking for work. Living on one salary has been okay for now but my salary is going to be less than what The Boy is making at the moment, so it’s going to be tight. Doable but tight. Definitely budget requiring and sticking to it.

So please excuse me if I go a little silent over the next couple of weeks. As usual, I haven’t made this move exactly easy but hey, it’s happening so I’m not complaining. I’m just hoping that The Boy can follow me sooner rather than later but we’ll see what happens.

Thanks for crossing fingers and toes for me!


2 thoughts on “It’s a GO!

  1. That’s really wonderful! Packing up and moving will be hard work but the reward is totally worth it.

    And, from an entirely selfish point of view, it’s such a relief to finally uncross my eyes.

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