Say a prayer and hold people close

I’m in shock. It’s been almost a week since the earthquake in Christchurch but everyday I wake up and wish it was a dream. We’re safe, here in Auckland, far away from New Zealand’s third largest city, but in New Zealand it doesn’t seem to matter. We laugh that everybody knows everybody here but it seems true right now. Everybody seems to know somebody affected in Christchurch. Everybody is hurting right now, some more than others but still.

Last Tuesday, at 12:51pm, the world came crashing down in Christchurch, literally. The earth quaked and scores of people died in that instant and in the hours that followed. The Boy knows people who were working their normal 9 to 5 day and are no longer with us. It seems everyone knows someone. The death toll currently stands at 147 and will probably rise to over 200. For a city the size of Christchurch, in a country the size of New Zealand, this is our biggest disaster.

Every day since then, the television has been on, live updating us on the status. Until Wednesday, people were hopeful. Survivors were being brought out and the stories were happy. And then it stopped. Now all they find are bodies among the rubble and we cry for the people of Canterbury and we want to help, whatever that help may be.

Because even the survivors have lost themselves. The central business district will have to be torn down entirely and rebuilt. Homes that survived the September 7, 2010 earthquake are now destroyed. Entire livelihoods are gone. The city will be rebuilt but it will be a different place with different people.

If you would like to help, in any way you can, please visit and donate. The people of Christchurch need every bit of help they can get.


3 thoughts on “Say a prayer and hold people close

  1. I am so sorry for the whole of NZ right now – the whole nation has suffered a great deal of loss. As much as us Aussies enjoy making fun of you guys, we really are in your corner and it feels like even over here everybody knows someone who knows someone in NZ. I hope that over the coming days, weeks, months and years everything gets a little bit brighter and better.
    I also hope that there are some more miracles to be happened upon.

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