What a month!

I’m sorry Health Monthers, I’ve been terrible this month. My first month as an official Health Month blogger and I let the side down halfway through the month. It’s been madness trying to organise this move and while I’ve been doing pretty well sticking to my rules mostly, I haven’t been tracking them or blogging about them. Next month, I’m taking a month off to allow myself to settle into my new life and then I’ll be back with a vengeance for April, I swear.

This month has just been tough. I went to the doctor today to get a repeat on some prescriptions and she took my blood pressure. It’s still within the normal and healthy range, but my blood pressure is usually pretty low, so I know it’s higher than usual. Which is not surprising – the movers are coming tomorrow, The Boy is going through hell at work, I’m starting a new job next week, selling my car today and I’m still processing the disaster that is Christchurch. In fact, I’d be surprised if my blood pressure wasn’t going mental.

After that appointment, I went to a pilates class. There was a new instructor who decided that today was the day we would be challenged on the reformers. Not a good one for me! I felt like such a wuss having to constantly ask her to lower my weights – seriously, three times in one exercise. Lady, I’m complaining, stop patronising me! Eventually, about 15 minutes before the end of class, I stood up, realised I felt like I was going to pass out and I left the class. My body was protesting the entire time and seriously, I don’t need the extra strain today. There was no way I was going to ignore my body’s signals.

So I’m taking strain and trying to remember to drink my water, breathe and stop crying over the fact that The Boy and I will be long distance again for 6 weeks. I’m a wuss but I’m missing him already, which is bonkers. The whole process of moving countries again is emotional and hard and even though I’m going to something great and The Boy and I will be happy there, I’m taking strain. I feel like I’m PMSing but it’s not that time of the month. I need time out but I have no time for that. So I’ll throw another load of laundry in before the movers take my washer and dryer away tomorrow (sob!) and go grab some bread and milk at the supermarket and maybe walk my way around since I’ll be car-less from 6pm tonight.

We’re moving for a good reason. I just need to remember that.


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