Searching for a studio

Wow, I’m on a posting kick at the moment. You’re either enjoying this or you’re wondering why you’re reading the mad ramblings of a crazy lady. Anywoo…

I arrived in Melbourne with a List. This List included such bullet points as
Start work (tick!)
Join a bookclub (tick!)
Find a gym
Find a pilates studio

As you can see, I’m doing pretty well on my list and last night, I tried to tick off item number 4 – Find a pilates studio. I went to a reformer class last night and realised a couple of things: I’m not sure I liked the instructor even though there’s nothing she did or didn’t do that bugged me, I’m not a huge fan of dance music during pilates and I still have some searching to do.

So I’ve set up an initial assessment at another studio that, on the surface, seems more like my old studio in Auckland. They don’t take anyone on without going through an initial assessment and the classes are small – maximum 4 people. The difference is that the classes use a variety of pilates equipment whereas I only worked on the reformers, but if I like the system, I doubt I’ll have trouble adapting.

That said, I’m not ruling out the studio I tried last night. I’m fully aware that the instructor makes a massive difference so I’ll try another class time and see how I feel. I’m tempted to stick with them because they’re cheaper AND I can claim the classes through my health fund since they’re also a physiotherapy practice. That would make my classes super cheap. So the money aspect is pushing me but we’ll see.

I know that I used to love yoga when I could go to a class with the one instructor I liked and as soon as I changed classes to accommodate my schedule, I slacked off because I didn’t like the instructors. So I need to make sure the money side of things is as good as can be but also that I actually make sure the classes suit me and my style otherwise they’ll be the cheapest possible – in other words, I won’t go at all!

What do you look for in a pilates or yoga studio? Or do you stick to working out at home in private, or at the gym regardless of who the instructor is?


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