Body singing

I figured out what I didn’t like about the pilates studio I went to last week.

They struck me as “playing” at being pilates instructors. There was no compulsory assessment by an instructor and perhaps this was based on me saying that I’ve been doing pilates for 4 months. Perhaps they felt that obviously someone else had assessed me and I’d be fine.

I also felt like yes, their studio looked funky and cool and it was cheaper and easier to get to, but I’d end up feeling unsure of myself and probably giving up in a few months. Plus they sent me an email the next day congratulating me on my anniversary with them – all of one day. Me thinks their email system is a little wonky.

Last night I went to a completely different studio. They’re more expensive by far – $90 more per 10 classes – and before you can do anything, you have to attend an initial assessment which is a one-on-one class for $85. Ouch.

On first impressions, I wasn’t sure. The studio was not well-signposted so I walked past it a couple of times, despite arriving early! Inside, it’s not flash and the ceiling tiles could definitely be replaced. It’s a bit tired really.

But the instructor was awesome. She listened and watched and took notes the whole time. She pointed out my strengths and weaknesses and gave me tips on how to work on them. We did some matt work, some reformer work, used some weights and did some stretches. My body was singing at the end. And I signed up for 10 classes on the spot.

I thought the cost would be the thing I worried about and I’m still trying to work out how this is going to hurt our budget. But I couldn’t sign up at the cheaper place. I just couldn’t do that to my body. My gut wasn’t happy and had I signed up simply because of the costs, I would have been hurting myself really. I’d rather spend money on something good for me and have to scrimp on other things.

So my credit card is hurting but I have 11 classes (I got one free!) on my card and something to add to my routine. And my body is singing and happy again.


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