Three more sleeps!

You may or may not guess but I’m rather excited about seeing The Boy. It’s been a month of living in different countries again and I’m not a fan. Yes, Skype is fantastic, fantabulous, fan-frigging-amazing, but it’s not reality. You can’t give someone a hug, quietly acknowledging that packing up their life is hard and you get it and you’re there for them. You have to SAY something and saying things sometimes trivialises what you want to convey. A hug, a touch, it all says more than words sometimes.

So The Boy is going through a tough time. And I feel for him – I’ve been through it 3 times in the last 4 years – moving to Canada, moving to Auckland, moving back here. The last few days before you fly out are the hardest because there’s a lot of finalising to do – getting final bills for utilities and phone etc. Redirecting mail. Packing up and moving out. It’s not easy – in fact, it’s easier to deny it’s happening until you really have to do it all. Not that it makes it easier to do by any means.

I have a lovely busy week ahead of me – work keeping me occupied during the day, coffee out tonight, Cheap-Ass Tuesday movies tomorrow with my Canadians buds, pilates on Wednesday night and then voila, it’s Thursday and The Boy will be here. And the waiting changes from waiting for him to arrive to waiting until he gets work and then waiting until we can move into our place.

At the moment, it’s looking like we’ll move into our place for my birthday in June. That’s 2 more months of living with my parents. Which is not terrible but not really the ideal thing to do as a newly-wed couple. On the one hand, it’s made things much easier for us and we get to actually save some money before we move and have to buy furniture, since, well, we have none. Unless you count a desk chair, a mattress and a washer and dryer as furniture, which I do and I don’t. I don’t think I could put milk into the washer and I definitely couldn’t have people over for dinner with only the desk chair for seating. But we have time to look around and NOT buy the first things we see (which is generally what we tend to do!) so yay to furniture shopping! I’m not exactly thinking of going for broke since, well, we’re already at broke. But furniture is one of those essentials in my world and I’m not prepared to live without anything and sleep on the floor at this stage. Perhaps I missed the boat and should have experienced the milk-crate lifestyle in my uni days but I feel that, at 30 and newly married, I’d rather have real furniture – even if it is more inexpensive than top, top quality – and live properly.

I’m just excited about a dining room table to tell you the truth.


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