Mind control and uncluttering

I’m teaching myself how to control my mind, and thereby control my body. After that comes WORLD DOMINATION!


But seriously, once I work out how to persuade my mind that I want an orange instead of a Kit Kat™ and I really want to go for a walk instead of go to the movies, I reckon I’ll be able to take over the world easily. Because people, dissuading your body from craving chocolate and popcorn and sitting on its arse all day is hard work.

Such hard work that the aforementioned arse has grown extra padding to make sitting more comfy. Too bad the padding makes my clothes tight and my view in the mirror, well, suck. I feel every inch of that padding, every ounce of the 10 pounds that have attached themselves to my body. And I am determined to lose it. Perhaps send it out with bad directions and run the other way when it tries to come back?


Okay. So I know you’ve heard all this before. And by you I mean me. Because really, who else is reading this? But this time (as I’m sure I said last time, and the time before that, and the time – you get the message) I’m determined. Serious. Unwavering. Single-minded. Resolute. (Putting the thesaurus down now, I swear).

I have a pilates class tomorrow and a personal training session on Monday. I’ve also got a couple of books and gosh darn it, I’m going to actually open them and use them. I know – revolutionary, right? I probably should do the whole food diary thing but I’ve found that I tend to go obsessive when I do that and obsessive is not the way I want to live. So my plan of attack is to make sure I bring enough with me to work and eat my stuff before attacking the vending machine or the biscuit tin which lives next to the coffee in the kitchen. Eat the raisins before the chocolate (I know, it’s a sad day that makes me say that). Exercise will be a challenge again since the area I work in is hardly conducive to walking around at lunchtime, but I will figure something out. Because chilling out is great but that extra padding has got to go.

I’m uncluttering and baby, there’s no space for padding in my life!


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