My own worst frenemy

I think I know why I’ve gain a yet-to-be-determined amount of weight.


I realised this this morning as I was looking at the latest CAE Short Course catalogue and musing about taking a chocolate making class at the end of April. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Yes, fun and fattening.

And this morning as well? I went to the kitchen to get a piece of Babybel cheese for my snack. It was a pre-planned snack. How did I end up with the cheese AND a biscuit from the biscuit tin as well? Did it jump onto my plate?

So yes. I am officially my worst enemy. I should have my own face on a WANTED poster. Because people, I am a self-saboteur.

I know how to avoid other sabotaging “frenemies” quite easily. I have all those techniques but how do I avoid myself? It’s a bit of a challenge since I’m kinda stuck with me. I need to find a way to control my frenemy side. The side that justifies that biscuit or that snack or that lie-in.

That word-that-rhymes-with-witch must go.

But people, this is HARD. That voice in my head has been given free reign over the last 6 months really. Every meal is a choice and every choice has been justified, conveniently ignoring all the previous choices. Not that I’m saying there’s “good” food and “bad” food but there are better choices out there than I’ve been making.

It’s the small things I’ve been justifying. The chocolate in the afternoon. The biscuit with tea (or sometimes without tea). They’re easier to justify really. And I need to confess something else. I bought a funky water bottle and have been drinking LESS water than I ever did before. Somehow, being in a bottle and out of sight (on my desk) has made me “forget” to drink up! So that’s got to stop too.

Now if only using my brain again and doing all the things I know are good for me would make me lose weight overnight. That would be nice *sigh*.


One thought on “My own worst frenemy

  1. Oh you and me both! I will be eating something and literally think “I”m going to be so mad at myself pretty much the second I swallow this” and yet… I eat it anyhow. Here’s to kicking our “frenemys” to the curb!

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