Things I’ve Learnt

1. Buying books about weight-loss and exercise does not actually make you lose weight or exercise.

I know, it’s bizarre, but it’s true. I’ve been buying books about weight loss and exercise and all these healthy recipe books and not actually opening them. Or opening them, reading them and not actually, well, putting them into practice. So I really shouldn’t be surprised that I’m not actually losing weight. But it annoys me none-the-less.

2. Eating 6 meals a day does not help you lose weight when those six meals are all the size of a dinner plate.

Again, bizarre but true. I’ve turned into a snacking machine and I’ve stopped listening to my body. Or rather, I’ve turned every murmur from my body into a “I’m hungry!” signal. And every snack is not really a snack. For a while I was eating breakfast at home, then breakfast at work, then a morning snack, then lunch, afternoon snack, after-work snack and then dinner. For your information, this is not a surefire way to lose weight. Or even to maintain your weight. I don’t recommend this diet.

Unless, of course, your aim is to gain weight. Then it’s highly effective.

3. Living with my parents is not a good way to lose weight.

My mother, bless her, loves to cook and loves to please people. So every meal time is a production in many ways. We may not eat starters with every meal (thank goodness!) but there’s veggie sides and salads and dips and sauces. And if that’s not enough, she’s offering leftovers in the fridge or other dips or snacks or … It’s neverending food.

Then she bakes and of course offers us something to test, or the crumbs or the leftovers. And it’s so yummy that it’s tough to say no. I know I should have more willpower but it’s not an easy task I tell you. I’m not blaming her really but it’s hard work!

But there’s a solution! A family friend is going away for 2 and a half weeks and has offered us their place in exchange for some dog-sitting. So our own place for two weeks + a built in reason to exercise everyday = awesome! And my mood has shifted already.

Oh, and things are happening on the Work front too. The Boy will hopefully have an offer coming through soon – they’re busy doing the whole background and reference check thing right now, so fingers crossed it comes through. And me, well, I’m in demand which is good and confusing but I think I’ve made up my mind. More later!


One thought on “Things I’ve Learnt

  1. I’ve been following your blog for awhile and feel that we share many of the same concerns. I’m confused about my career at the moment (doesn’t help with the eating habits), but unfortunately I’m not in demand! Sounds like an exciting time for you, what have you decided to do?

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