Being outed

First of all, welcome to my colleague who took the time to Google me and search out my blog which mentions nothing about where I work or my full name in fact. Your Google-fu is impressive. Thanks too for ‘outing’ me to the company. I hope you’re enjoying reading my posts about freaking out about my eyes or trying to lose 6 kilos. I hope they’re fascinating enough for you.

Oh, and please, feel free to let me know which posts you’re enjoying the most.

In other blog related news, I weighed myself yesterday after 2 months of no weighing thanks to no scale. The funny thing is that I weighed myself thinking I’d lost weight because my clothes felt better. It was awful.

I now weigh more than I’ve weighed in the last 4 years. Maybe I have lost weight but in that case, I don’t want to know what my real starting weight was.

I intended to work out last night but we ended up having a guest (one of The Boy’s friends who happened to be in town briefly) but at least we ate a good meal. It was lovely to be able to actually entertain, even though the place is not ours (we’re housesitting – can’t remember if I mentioned that). I felt all grown up!

Tonight I’m heading to a personal training session so that will help. I’m feeling really thrown by this whole work thing and this whole eye surgery thing. I’ve got the whole day off next Thursday to deal with it but it’s looming and I’m alternatively thinking it’ll either be nothing at all or surgery immediately. My middle ground thinking is that it’ll be surgery but not for another few years. Can you all cross fingers for me?


One thought on “Being outed

  1. Holy crap. People really have nothing better to do! It’s happened to me in the past. I was being blog stalked by a relative for ages without knowing it once. All is now forgiven (family is important and all that), but it just blew my mind at the time.
    I knew nothing about it until that person made some dramatic phone calls over nothing! I realised it was that person’s baggage (and lack of constructive things to do), not mine. They chose to react the way they did without stopping to think or to calm down and at least be rational (and fair) with any concerns they had. I now realise it only happened because they probably weren’t really happy with their own life.

    Dear Mandy’s Workmate – it’s one thing to have a sneaky google – it’s another to out someone or use them for gossip fodder when they’ve done nothing wrong. Maybe you should start your own blog – you know – to keep you busy – you must have too much non-constructive time on your hands.

    Love Kez.

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