Change in Sight

I’ve been writing blog posts in my head all week. Thinking up the perfect lines and being super bitchy and vindictive but those posts remain in my head. Because I’m not like that. But as a result, my head is full of draft posts and when I sit down to write, no ‘proper’ posts come out.

So I’m changing things a bit. My attitude for one. My eating habits for another – less chocolate to ‘make me happy’.

And my glasses.

Because I got some funky glasses today. I finally left behind the functional-but-plain glasses that have served me well for many years and I ventured into the funky coloured frame world with two glasses for the price of one. Actually, scratch that – two glasses for less than the price of one thanks to my health insurance. I figure that every year I’ve ever had this insurance, I pay every month and hardly ever use the extras I have. I get $300 towards glasses or contacts every year and this year I used a fair chunk of that. Two pairs – one purple/magenta and one black with a touch of brown. Out of pocket I paid a grand total of $80 ($40 per pair) which covered the additional reflective coating on them. Otherwise they would have been free* (*considering how much I pay for private health cover, not really free but let me have my moment).

So I feel like a new person.

And I still have no idea what the retinal surgeon is going to say on Thursday and maybe my new glasses will suffer for it, but for now, I love them and I love my new look. And it helps that The Boy finds glasses sexy 😉


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