Back to being me

After the kerfuffle at the old job about my blog and using my phone and whatnot, I figured it was easier to just stop blogging for a while instead of trying to post non-controversial posts. It was hard avoiding almost everything social media since I wasn’t actually clear on what the issue was about my blog and I really felt as if I had to curtail “me” for the last 3 weeks. But now I’m back to being me since I’ve left the old job and I’m in the new job. Which is kinda an old job since I used to work here years ago before I shifted overseas.

It’s nice to be me again.

And The Boy is all happy again since he’s started work with a Big Company and we bought him a fancy-pants car. After 2 months of being dependent on other people and unemployed (and bored), he’s finally independent, employed and busy. It’s nice to have him back too. He’s smiling more and joking and HAPPY.

We’re still actually living with the parents though, since our apartment is still not ready for habitation. Something about the bathroom not being completed is a problem – at the moment, the toilet is sitting in the middle of the study, which makes it useless and rather in the way. But the painters have started and I’m confident we’ll be in by the end of the month.

Health and fitness wise, well, we’re nowhere. The Boy and I have decided that while we’re eating my mother’s cooking, we’re doing well not to gain more weight so maintaining is our goal for the moment. I’m looking at joining a gym and perhaps starting on an eating plan with those prepared meals so neither of us has to worry about buying lunches and whatnot but we’ll see. I’ve gained 5 kgs and I’m not liking it. But what can you do? A lot I know, but I’m not beating myself up about it. So I’m just making healthier choices and going from there.

Oh, and I’ve been accepted into my Masters of Creative Writing, Publishing and Editing which starts in July so that’s exciting. Things are hotting up around here and finally getting going. Life is good 🙂


2 thoughts on “Back to being me

  1. Welcome back! I have just become unanonymous and it’s a little nervewracking – luckily I don’t currently work anywhere though so I don’t have to worry about drama so much (I hope)!

    • It’s nice to be back!

      I think most places have no issues about blogs etc as long as there’s no connection to work or mentioning work stuff. But who knows? Just be aware, that’s all I’m doing!

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