New year = new me

Thirty-one years ago, my mother was at the hospital getting a bunch of tests to determine whether I was ready to be born. Apparently they x-rayed my knees to determine whether I was developed enough. If my knees had said no, I would have been born on June 11. Weird fact I know you wanted to know!

A conundrum of age though – this morning I looked in the mirror, confounded by the zit in the middle of my forehead (literally dead-centre between my eyes) and hobbling around with a sore hip. Zits and aches and pains – surely an indication that I’m straddling the line between young tart and old fart. Obviously my body hasn’t gotten the memo that I’m a grown up but not elderly yet.

But as I think of birthdays past and present, I’m in a good place right now. True, I’d like to be moved into our own place but that’s happening in the next 2 weeks. And true, I’d like to be 5 kgs lighter but otherwise I’m healthy and happy and surrounded by good friends and my family. I’m in a job that makes me happy, The Boy is working for the Big Company he’s always wanted to work for and he’s happy. I’m going back to uni in July for my Masters so bring on the challenge! Between the two of us, we have great friends here and that makes me happy.

So I’m starting the new “me” year as a happy me. New beginnings all around but with the people I love around me. What more could one ask for?

(Other than a free ice-cream maker to review and keep … hint hint anyone out there!)


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