Moving on up (or left or right)

I remember when I started this blog and I was starting workout out and losing weight and feeling great about myself. Somehow in the moving and the new jobs and the new new jobs, I left all that on the side of the road, pack in a box and stored out of sight. I became Old Me again – me who doesn’t work out or enjoy it or anything. True, I’m focusing on other parts of me that need a bit of love and attention – the writing, the studying and the working parts – but the healthy part needs a bit of a kick in the tuchus.

In this vein, I joined a gym on Tuesday. It’s not a super duper fancy gym but seriously, the guy from Fitness First was pushy as heck and turned me off completely. I kinda felt that if that was how he was before I signed up, the whole thing would just be painful. So this gym is near by and smaller but has enough equipment and classes. I’m planning on heading over there on Monday after work and before I head over to the flat to start moving things in. I was planning on going tonight but The Boy has a friend in town from Brisbane so we’re meeting him for dinner in the city. I think social should outweigh gym, don’t you?

But yes, you may have picked something up – we’re moving into the flat next week! I’ve booked the movers for Tuesday, the bed frame Tuesday night, the fridge for Wednesday and the rest of the furniture we’ve bought so far for Thursday. And then we head to IKEA on the weekend to buy a few more things and we move in. True, there’s no shower stall (that’s being installed on June 28) and things may still need to be done around the place, but I’m determined to get moved in next week so our lives can start properly. It’s exciting!


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