Pressure to be more than I am

It’s been a wild couple of weeks. We moved, I had to fight an energy company (Lumo Energy – they’re terrrible Australia – AVOID!) and we’ve been building IKEA furniture left, right and center.

It’s been really all go go go and my mind is all chaotic. When you think about it, it’s not all surprising – The Boy and I have both started new jobs, we’ve moved, we’ve bought new furniture, we’re settling into new lives. Plus I’m starting uni in 2 weeks and it’s all busy times! But with all this craziness, I’m feeling the pressure.

The pressure to be perfect and set up and unpacked and organised.

The pressure to be on top of everything and socialising and saving money.

The pressure to be doing something all the time and JUST. BE. PERFECT.

I know nobody else is putting this pressure on me. It’s self-inflicted, which makes it worse really. I can’t blame anyone else. My mother’s suggestions to ‘help’ and organise things and help me unpack end up making me feel more stressed because she’s a mini superwoman and a whirlwind and she gets.stuff.done and I don’t. I’m not the consummate entertainer, I’m not perfectly organised and I never will be. And yet I expect this of myself.

I’m feeling overwhelmed but it’s of my own doing, so how do I stop this? I’m 6kgs overweight and I should be exercising more than I am. I should be doing more. I should be blogging more.

This word “should” – I think I hate it.

Any tips on getting the Type A side of me to go off and die?


2 thoughts on “Pressure to be more than I am

  1. Worrying about stress is one more thing to do. Try not to! Easier said than done, but realize that not everything can happen at once.
    Everyday a little bit more gets done.

    Don’t worry about entertaining and things like that till the move is over with.

  2. I don’t have any tips, but I know how you feel. Try not to feel overwhelmed by making small goals – seriously – the smallest tiniest ones. Stop and acknowledge your achievements before moving on…oh maybe those are tips after all.
    I find when I feel overwhelmed or inadequate, I take action and I start small. I feel better with every little bit of progress and I try not to look too far ahead or compare myself to others – totally easier said than done, but worth it if you can focus xo

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