Setting up home with new goalposts

After my post the other day, I felt a little dejected. It’s funny when you start writing a post, expecting one thing and suddenly you’ve written something completely different and out of nowehere. It probably doesn’t happen to people who, you know, draft a post and edit it and get it all purdy for publishing. Me, I fly by the seat of my pants!

But I realised last night that both of us are feeling really overwhelmed by all the changes we’re facing. I’m in a new job – at my old company, true, but it’s still new – and The Boy is in a completely new job at his Dream Company but struggling to feel confident. We’re sorting out new our home and still unpacking and figuring out routines and priorities and I think we’re a bit like ships in the night in some ways. We’re stressed so there’s snapping and we’re a little on edge and chasing our tails a bit. There’s been a lot of waiting lately – waiting to find jobs, waiting to start, waiting to move – and now it seems we’re waiting for life to be normal again. I’m sick of waiting.

I’ve been to the gym 3 times this week and we’re going again tonight. The Boy and I had a joint personal training session on Monday and we have another one tonight. I’m trying to get him into the strength side of things because I know that just doing cardio is not enough. He has great fitness when it comes to cardio (he walks for ages!) but I know that you need to build muscle too, so I’m hoping we can work out together more often. I enjoy it. Our trainer is a pipsqueak at 20 years old and still a little wooden with his “encouragement” but he’s good I think and I figure maybe 4 sessions with him and we can work from there. I’m feeling better for working out already – I forget how important it is for my mind AND body. Getting my sweat on eases the stress I’m under in so many ways. The gym is on my way home and as long as I pack my stuff in the morning, I have no excuses. It’ll be more challenging once I’m back at uni from July 25, but we’ll see how I go.

I’ve also been slack with blogging because I’ve been all “well, nothing’s exciting and therefore I won’t post” but that’s not healthy for me either. So apologies, but I may have some boring posts coming up, just for my sanity!


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