Age vs. Experience

Last night, The Boy and I had our second personal training session with The Pipsqueak and I fear it will be our last. Neither of us were impressed with him last night – he assumed that he’d told us to get to the gym early to warm up, he gave us a “warm-up” exercise for about 1 minute which is not enough. Especially since The Boy was still really sore from Monday’s workout. He didn’t seem to be prepared and as soon as he started, I knew this was not going to be good.

First thing to understand is that we had both had separate assessments before we started training, so he knew our fitness levels and experience. He knew where we were coming from and where to start. After Monday’s training, The Boy threw up. That’s not an easy start to working out. He pushed himself not to stop at any point and good for him, but the trainer should know that your first session should not be vomit inducing. Last night I was very proud of The Boy for stopping when he needed to stop but Pipsqueak didn’t read those signals and kept pushing. I was a little more assertive and I changed my weights as I needed to. He set things too heavy, I changed them. He pushed too hard, I stopped. At the end of the session, The Boy was not impressed and I was kinda peeved.

The problem with someone young and inexperienced is that they can’t relate to older clients, to unfit clients. The Pipsqueak’s “encouragement” is straight from a textbook, his delivery is wooden and there’s no understanding and ability to be flexible. Read your clients, listen to them when you’re assessing them and don’t push them too hard too fast.

Alas, he’s lost out. We’re not scheduling any more sessions and I’ll put some workouts together myself. Hopefully we can still work out together and The Boy won’t hate me for too long for getting this Pipsqueak to “train” us.

I’m not ageist but experience is important and I don’t believe that someone fresh out of school is experienced enough. Am I wrong?


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