Wintery funk

I’m a bundle of cheer at the moment. You’d think that after moving into our own place, life would be perfect again. And it is perfect in so many ways, so why am I in a wintery funk?

  1. It’s winter here and I’m cold. The last thing I feel like doing after work is going out and the last thing I feel like doing on a weekend is leaving the warm house to go to the gym. I was really productive this weekend and social but still, I ate badly and I got no activity in.
  2. I burnt my finger on the stove yesterday afternoon. It’s feeling better, albeit all blistered up, but it put a real damper on my plans to write last night – it’s a bit difficult to type with one hand, since my left hand was all bundled up in an ice pack and then covered in soothing gel. Punctuate my night with some pain and I was all *moan moan whinge whinge* to The Boy.
  3. I cooked our first proper meal on our stove (hence the burnt finger) and somehow managed to dirty the stove and it won’t come off! I feel terrible to have damaged the lovely clean stove top less then 3 weeks in and I feel like crying about it. Yep, that’s how much of a funk I’m in.
  4. Due to all my moaning over the weekend, I gorged on gummy snakes last night and have gained a pound this week. This is after a week where I hit the gym 4 times and generally ate well. I am now officially at my heaviest I’ve been in 3 years. Awesome.

Additionally, I think I’m just getting a general wintery funk. Just wanted to curl up in bed today instead of heading to work. Oh, and perhaps win the lottery so we can pay off my university fees which are due this week. Dear grad school, you are expensive.

*sigh* I promise my next post will be cheery, for all 5 people reading this!


4 thoughts on “Wintery funk

  1. I get in wintery funks every year. This year is kind of sucky because pregnancy has given me some kind of crazy itchiness all over so I am constantly torn between being freezing and wanting to rug up and feeling overheated and unbearably uncomfortable 😦
    That’s my whinge – thanks for listening haha.
    Hope your funk doesn’t last too long x

    • Oh that would be so annoying – being itchy and cold and uncomfortable! Hopefully that all passes quickly though (or becomes less annoying?)! Thanks for whingeing with me – it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one getting all whiney!

  2. Could you please talk some more about how cold it is there, because here in my little part of the world it is BLAZING HOT!!! I’m so OVER this heat.

    I hope you come out of your funk soon! 🙂

    • It’s grey and gloomy. It’s not cold cold as in snowing or negatives but it’s low teens in celcius and the wind is icy!

      I know what you mean about the heat too though – I love spring and fall for those reasons. No extremes!

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