Being around for family

This weekend was a lesson in priorities again (I seem to be getting a lot of these lessons lately!) and an emotional weekend at that.

Friday night, my dad came over for Shabbat dinner. We chatted, we ate and he left early as he wasn’t feeling well. He’d eaten some peanuts earlier in the day and they weren’t agreeing with him. So he left and we cleaned up and went to bed.

At about midnight, my phone rang, which is never a good sign. My SIL was calling to let me know not to panic – which always makes me panic – but my dad wasn’t well and my brother was at the house waiting for the ambulance. Something about throwing up blood. But they’d call me once they knew what was happening.

That call came 20 minutes later and those were some of the longest 20 minutes in my life. I panicked, I sobbed. I was not ready for these sorts of phone calls. My mother is away at the moment and my father was home alone. Throwing up blood.

Eventually, my brother called and we headed over to The Alfred Hospital to meet them there. And there we stayed until 5am, when they admitted my dad after pumping him full of fluids and meds to stop him throwing up and protect his stomach. Apparently, the peanuts he ate were rancid (thanks Coles!) and all the throwing up had burst a blood vessel near his oesophagus, hence all the blood. And there was a lot of blood – I’m surprised they didn’t need to do a transfusion. I went over to his place on Saturday to grab some clothes and toiletries and to clean up and wow, there was so much blood everywhere in the bathroom. This was one situation where I was glad he called my brother instead of me. Bro is a cop and used to dealing with this sort of stuff, so he stays calm and collected. I’m not a fan of blood in the best circumstances and this would have freaked me out.

My dad is better and being released today, with a raft of medication I’m sure, an appointment for more tests and a firm resolve to never eat another peanut in his life. I’m tired, emotional and ready to drop anything. My weekend plans were tossed. My school work didn’t get a look in. Exercise was limited and sleep is not a priority. Seeing my father all weak and grey (seriously, with that much blood loss, his skin was grey) scared me. I think it scared him too.

But we’re good now. I’ll pick him up later today, take him home, pamper him and maybe stay the night so he’s not alone at home. My mom will be home in a week and she’ll pamper him. Between the three of us, we’ll look after him. Because that’s what family does.

My big lesson this week? You never know what’s around the corner. Be healthy, be happy and be around.


2 thoughts on “Being around for family

  1. Wow, your Dad is one lucky guy to have such a loving family.
    Actually, you’re all lucky to have each other 🙂
    I hope he recovers alright – what a scary time. It’s hard seeing your parents so vulnerable for some reason.

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