Finding the pretty

In my quest to feel pretty again (sidenote: have you ever actually looked at the word ‘pretty’? Does it look weird to you or is that just me? Just me? Okay then), I’m trying to embrace the girly side of things as much as possible without making myself aware of the whole OMG I’M 6-ALMOST-7 KILOS HEAVIER THAN I WANT TO BE, which is difficult because, well, that’s all I see these days.

Part of Operation Pretty:

  1. I’ve been wearing my pretty pink skirt that I bought on Friday. It’s one of those ridiculously expensive Metalicus skirts that is one-size-fits-all, which in normal terms would mean one-size-fits-some-who-wear-small-sizes but in this case is really quite amazing. It doesn’t cling at all and I think it’s pretty flattering. At least, it makes me feel unfat and pretty, therefore it’s a winner.
  2. Yesterday, after my OMG-I-ATE-ALL-TEH-FOODZ brunch, I went and treated myself to a pedicure. I felt like I should have paid the lovely woman danger money because my feet have not seen a pumice stone in a long time. It’s been winter here and I’m not usually one to treat myself to a pedi during winter. Heck, I’m not usually one to treat myself to a pedi normally. I usually give my feet the once-over, slap on some polish and leave it to grow out for a few months. Yes, I am that person. But not now! Now I have pretty green/blue toenails and smooth feet, all ready for summer sandals.
  3. I got dressed up  (in my skirt, natch) and actually put on makeup on a weekend to meet my folks for brunch this morning. It was really nice to feel nice, to treat myself well and know that while I may not be as thin as I’d like to be, I looked as nice as I could on a Sunday morning.
I’m not expecting an overnight (or over-weekend) success but I need to try, you know? Make an effort past the flower hair clip that I’ve been wearing. I finished my last assignment for the semester and I’ve been making good choices eating-wise for the past few days (regardless of what the scale says … damn scale hates me) so I’m focusing on that.
Next on the list is to organise a girls’ night one of these nights. I think I need some girltime – anyone feel like flying to Melbourne and joining me?
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