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Weekend recap (or hiking, drinking and eating)

I had a brilliant weekend. A perfect weekend in fact.

The weather was glorious and sunny and Spring like. The sun came out on Friday morning and stayed there all weekend. It made me smile 🙂

Saturday morning saw me on a hike with a couple of friends and meet market adventures. We went out on the Niagara Escarpment toward Hamilton and hiked around Spencer’s Gorge and Webster Falls. I went on the same hike last year in the summer and the it was great – a little challenging but super fun. The guide this time was different and he picked a very easy route which didn’t take us along the river bed and was not nearly as challenging or breathtaking as before. I was a little disappointed but still had fun.

I got back into my photography as well. The area is still really “winter like” in the lack of foliage and the dead trees around. It was perfect for black and white photography and I had a ball – I turned my little point and shoot to black and white and focused on the shapes and textures. I could have taken a million more shots and I may have to go back sometime with a better camera. I’ll put some shots up when I get home tonight. I loved it.

Saturday night was a housewarming party for a work friend. I went with a bunch of girls and probably drank a little too much but hey, whatever. We all stayed over at one girl’s place and went for brunch on Sunday and then stayed in to watch movies (even though it was a lovely day).

We did make it out for a bit and I got some yummy loose-leaf teas and some really pretty paper that I’m planning on framing for my apartment. I’m also thinking of getting some of the photos from the weekend printed out and framed. I need some photography around me. I’m looking to get a new camera – not a SLR because I can’t justify spending the money I’d need to spend to get what I’d want, but an advanced point and shoot that gives me plenty of control and zoom. My parents have agreed to give it to me for my birthday/gift from home when they visit (which also gets me away from the clothing-that-doesn’t-fit-as-gift) and I’m hoping to get it within the next week or so for my trip to Vancouver.

On the weight front, I wasn’t too bad with eating etc but I still managed to GAIN 2 pounds this week according to my scale. I’m hoping it’s water weight so I’ll weigh in again tomorrow. Ugh. I feel like a sloth. But otherwise, life is good.

I have an online friend arriving in town on Wednesday and we’re heading out for dinner Wednesday night. I told him to stay in a hotel by the way, if you’re wondering. This week should be interesting. I don’t think we’ll have trouble getting along but you never know in person – people are different online and over the phone (done the internet dating thing for a while and trust me, people are different!) so I’m trying not to expect too much. I’ll report in Thursday 🙂

Tonight I have training but then I’m going out with a friend for dinner at a lovely French restaurant and I’m not sure how much sticking-to-the-diet will be going on. It is Oyster Night after all!