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Fantastic weekends

Fantastic weekends include Bailey’s milkshakes on the balcony with The Boy.

They involve enjoying the first barbeque on the in-laws’ new barbeque – sausages and coleslaw and kids running around.

Fantastic weekends involve brunch with out-of-town friends and enjoying catching up over eggs and toast.

They involve sitting on the couch with the doors open, enjoying the sunshine and napping and half-watching weird television.

They also seem to be involve a lot of eating and drinking and result in a Sunday night of feeling QUITE bloated.

And while I don’t regret anything from the weekend, I hate this feeling on a Sunday night. I hate the promising of diets on Monday and EXTRA intense workouts all of next week.

I know that I enjoyed the weekend. I know that I could have eaten less and still enjoyed it though.

So next weekend, I will enjoy the weekend WITHOUT the bloating.

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Self-sabotage and a lack of appetite

One of the left-overs from being sick the other week is my weird appetite. Except in the morning, I don’t get hungry. But I know I need food so I eat. And because I’m not technically hungry, I’m not registering as full so I’m eating beyond what I need. And I’m eating crap. Like chips and popcorn in place of dinner because I have no craving for dinner.

It’s not good. Not good at all.

I’m forgetting what hunger or thirst feels like, what saiety feels like. And I’m gaining weight – just in time for summer!

It’s freaking me out. I feel out of step with my body and it’s weird. I’m not working out as much, I’m eating more than usual and my concentration is shot.

I need to get back on track. No, I need to find those tracks again first to get back on track. I’m so off track, I’m on another line altogether.

So, tasks this week:

  1. Journal my food to be aware.
  2. Plan my meals and stick to them.
  3. Workout!!!
  4. Drink more water, even if I don’t think I’m thirsty. Just do it.
  5. Realize that the 5 lbs I’ve gained will drop off once I get back on track and life will be back to normal.


Plus I almost fell getting in the shower this morning and almost missed my bus stop after falling asleep on the bus. What a frigging day.

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Taking time and making time pt 1

Wow, what a cryptic title. What on EARTH could I be talking about? Have I found a way to MAKE time?

Well, no. But hear me out.

We live in a world where time is precious. We never have enough and we want everything to happen quicker and sooner and faster and NOW because we don’t have time to waste. Which means we put off things like going to the gym or cooking a big meal when it’s only for ourselves, or dressing well, or looking after ourselves because, well, there are more urgent things to do.

But this is wrong. This is bad.

Because if we don’t take the time for ourselves, if we don’t make the time for ourselves, then we’re really no good for anyone else.  Our work is not productive, our social lives suffer because we have no energy and no zest, and everything else that seems so important suffers. All because we think we have no time.

The thing is that we do have time for ourselves – we just need to find it, and take it. Yes, our days are busy with work, with family, with STUFF, but there are minutes and hours that are there for the taking.

Food is often one aspect that falls by the wayside when time is crunched. It seems easier to order in or buy convenience foods instead of eating well. But food is fuel and with crappy fuel, you have less energy and all that jazz. There are tons of ways of making time work for you when it comes to food:

  • Invest in a slow-cooker. I have a new one being christened today and I love it. I throw in the ingredients in the morning while I’m getting ready for work, program it to cook all day and dinner is ready when I get home. No effort required – no thought at the end of a long day. And the bonus is that I’ve got enough cooked for a few meals – bringing me to point #2
  • Cook in bulk and freeze ready-made meals. These are SO much better than the ones you buy at the grocery store and tons cheaper too. You control the ingredients and the sodium and the chemicals so they’re so healthy. Cook a big meal and then freeze separate portions so they’re easy to grab from the freezer when you have no food in the pantry or time to prepare a new meal.
  • Separate food into ziploc bags when you first put them away. Things like veggies you plan to use for salads or meals or snacks. It may take a little more time than simply stashing them away, but it makes it super easy to grab on the go – for lunches or snacks or whatnot. It takes away the thought and effort when you’re in a rush. It also means you’re less likely to eat an entire bag of chips in one sitting and ignore your dinner – it takes more effort to keep getting up for another little ziploc bag of snacks!
  • Menu plan and shop mindfully. Again, putting in a little more effort at the beginning saves time down the track. If you sit down before you grocery shop and plan your meals for the week (it doesn’t need to be a hard-and-fast every item plan), it can save you time and money at the store and mean that you’re less likely to wander aimlessly and throw out food at the end of the week. I’ll admit that I don’t follow this all the time, but I notice when I don’t. For example, this week, I planned my slow-cooker meal tonight, which will last for lunch and possibly dinner tomorrow night. I’m out Wednesday and Thursday night so no meals then. I have some tuna for tuna salad for lunches and then I bought some stewing meat for another slow cooker meal for Friday night.  Not expensive and not time-consuming at all.
  • Buy frozen veggies and use them liberally. Frozen veggies are not the devil’s invention but rather, an amazing time saver! Frozen chopped onions, chopped spinach, mixed veggies – they all make life easier.  Again, this is simply about not trying to re-invent the wheel – if you have the time to buy fresh, great, but if not, it’s super easy to throw some veggies in with some chicken strips and sauce and voila, you have a stirfry.

Some simple hints and tips that can make life easier and show you that time is there for the taking when it comes to easy meals. I hear too many people say that they have Kraft Dinner in their pantry because it takes too long to make a good meal and it’s only for one person and it’s expensive. It’s really not any of those things!

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A new diet I don’t recommend

It’s amazing but I don’t think the pros outweigh the cons.

I seem to have lost 5 lbs on it in a week. You’d think that would be a major pro and would outshine any cons. Normally yes.

I’ve had huge success on this diet before and it very rarely lets me down.

But the diet is called the Insane-Stress-Diet. It makes your body go haywire. It makes your stomach knot up and your body either require no food or metabolizes everything at the speed of light. It makes you wonder if you have worms.The constant nauseous feeling in the pit of your stomach means you’re constantly wondering what food you’ve developed an allergy to or who’s trying to poison you.

And you lose weight. Or at least, I do.

But while I did gain some weight a few weeks ago, I didn’t expect to lose it all in a week. If my scales can be trusted this morning, I’m down to my lowest weight, which means I’m down about 5 lbs in about 5 days.  I am eating properly (the cheese and crackers for dinner was before that – I’m back onto full meals) – including salads and chilis and Moroccan chicken (yummy!). I crashed on the weekend and instead of working, I slept. And slept. I’ve been to the gym twice and twice only.

But on the downside again, I barely slept last night after making the stupid mistake of checking my email and then staying up replying and then thinking about it until midnight. I woke up with a fuzzy head and I was at work at 7:30am. I’m tired already and it’s only Tuesday.

I’m making an effort to keep healthy – packed my lunch today (which seemed like a lot of food – a big salad, some leftover Moroccan Chicken with lentils, an apple, a granola bar and a yogurt) and I’m either going to volleyball or the gym tonight, which means I have to leave the office at 5:30. And I’m hoping not to lose anymore weight.

Hope everyone else is keeping well.

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I’ve been betrayed by my favourite food.

Sushi has let me down.

My stomach bug I suffered in Australia? Not a bug at all but salmonella from bad sushi.

How can I ever trust sushi again? We were so close, sushi and me. We bonded over teriyaki chicken handrolls (thanks for the salmonella!) and spicy tuna rolls. We shared edamame and seaweed salad. We explored different tastes and textures.

And then this.

One teriyaki chicken roll and two trips to emergency later, 3 doctors all telling me that it’s just a virus and I should wait for it to burn out. One very determined mother who forced the doctor to take a stool sample (sorry for the overshare) and give me an anti-biotic and voila! The lab called my folks today to tell them that this was a serious case of food poisoning and something that could shut a place down. Something that they would have to get the authorities involved in.

Thank goodness for mothers and their nagging doctors. Thank goodness (in a way) that I was flying home to Canada and was worried about being sick on the plane, which forced my hand and forced the doctor’s hand to give me drugs. It meant that, despite my concerns, I was able to fly home and feel better. I have to say that I feel slightly vindicated that I was not just whingeing about a little virus. I was seriously ill.

The upside is that I lost all the Xmas pounds I put on. Not that I would ever recommend the Diarrhoea Diet or Salmonella to anyone!

But now … I think sushi and I need counselling and mediation.

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Living a life of excuses

I’m dealing with someone at work at the moment who has a seemingly endless list of reasons why her work is late. I’m really dying to hear, one day, that she has no excuse and it’s ALL HER FAULT, not the fault of her computer, the weather, the hot water tank at home, a birthday party, a headache or one of the other millions of excuses she’s provided over the past 2 weeks. Her lack of responsibility is driving my stress levels up and there’s nothing I can do other than report her to the bosses and hope they do something about it.

But this brings me to my rant of the day: how can you live your life if you don’t take responsibility for your actions? If you’re constantly blaming outside influences for things that “happen” to you, how can you ever expect anything to improve?

You have choices EVERY SINGLE DAY. Every moment of your life is about choice in some way. Sometimes you have to make the best of a number of bad choices (I have to choose not to throttle the aforementioned co-worker as she still has work to be completed and there’s nobody else on payroll who can do it) but it’s all about choices. I think you lose your sense of identity if you don’t accept that you are in control of your life and your decisions.

This comes into play in all your lifestyle decisions IMO.

Yesterday I had a ‘bad’ day of eating – I made the conscious decision to eat 2 chocolates and a bag of chips. Not because I was hungry. Because I was stressed out. I know that. My body didn’t need the sugar but I chose to eat it. Nobody forced me. In fact, I didn’t really enjoy the chocolate in the evening (but boy did I enjoy the chip at 4pm).  Now, I could have used the excuse that because of my workload, I was working a 12 hour day and had eaten my lunch at 1pm. I needed some nourishment.

Sure I did. But did I make the right choice? I knew there was a possibility I’d be working late and my choice should have been to bring extra food. Failing that, I could have chosen to buy some peanuts instead of the chips. But I didn’t. Any weight gain from said choice? My responsibility.

Blaming the world for my misfortunes is not going to make them go away.

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Ugh for a saturday morning

I didn’t go to the gym after work last night. I came home, had a nap and got ready for my date. Where do you think he took me?

An Italian restaurant.

Why is Italian the go-to food these days? Why do we live in one of the most multicultural cities in the world, with so many food options, and people only stick to Italian? Don’t get me wrong, I like Italian food but I’ve eaten it now 5 times in the last 2 weeks. It’s enough. Really.

I chose a ravioli dish with roasted pumpkin, which was delicious but really rich. And I don’t think it really agreed with me. I felt ill afterwards, headed home at 10:30 to sleep. Which I would have done really well if only my blind had not fallen out of the ceiling and onto my head. Ouch.

So now I’m back to having no blind on my window (and a sore head) so I no longer need to set an alarm. The sun wakes me up at 5:30am. Lovely.

I’m all dressed for the gym in an effort to get there before my book club meeting this afternoon, but I have a headache and I feel nauseous. Isn’t that awesome? I’m going to have a cup of green tea and see if that settles me, otherwise I think it’s back to bed for me.

Hope everyone else’s weekend is going well 🙂